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    looking for experienced support staff

    We are looking for experienced support staff.
    Per ticket payment.

    Please contact me if you are interested with your knowledge (control panels, OS)

    Thank you

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    What kind of company are you running? Shared hosting. . dedicated servers? Can you provide a bit more information?

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    If your running Ensim look at

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    I do apologise, was not sure about what forum to post my request. Can you please remove the other one.

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    you mean this one

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    Please give us an idea of the cost per ticket that you are looking to charge.

    We are looking for people to cover 24 hours.

    We will only be outsourcing the day to day support tickets, common questions like how do i upload my website, how do i configure my email etc...

    Candidates should have good level of english, if you also speak other languages that would be interesting, please let us know.

    Good customer service.

    Please let us know what OS you are experienced in, control panels, programming languages etc..

    If you have any comments about outsourcing web hosting support to experienced technicians please post it here.

    Has your company done it before? has that been good for your company? have you had any bad experiencies?

    Thank you.
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    tech support response


    did u receive my mail?

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    We have received all messages. Thank you for getting back to us.
    If you are still interested in the position please contact us.

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    contact info?

    where and how to contact you?? you havent provided your contact info yet!!!

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    You can send me a pm
    Thank you for your response.
    We are still looking for people, please contact with information about you, knowledge and your per support ticket charge.

    Best regards

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