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    WIN2k - 100MB - MSSQL - $9.95/mo - NO SETUP - September hosting FREE

    For the month of September 2002 Cyber World, Inc is waving our $10 set-up fee on ALL new signups. Also as a bonus to all visitors from we are offering you the month of September free of charge. So when you signup you pay nothing! Your first charge will be on October 1st 2002 and will be for $9.95

    This offer is also valid on all of our Linux Virtual Accounts.

    Below are the features offered with our $9.95/mo Windows Account:

    Windows 2000 Server with IIS 5
    100MB of Web Space
    5GB of traffic
    MSSQL Database
    ASP and ASP.NET
    FrontPage Extensions
    10 POP3 Email Accounts
    Unlimited Email Aliases
    Web Based Email
    Control Panel
    DeepMetrix Live Stats
    Dedicated IP Address
    1 FTP user
    24 x 7 FTP access
    And much more...

    Please note the account only includes 1 FTP user. We have no real demand from our clients for additional users so 1 is the standard. We also have addional add ons you can purchase for one time fess, but as stated before, our basic account comes with everything you need to run 1 web site.

    Visit our site at:

    To prevent abuse of this special offer, if you sign up for this special offer, then wish to cancel your account before the first billing period, you must cancel your account before the end of Cyber World business hours (5 PM Pacific Standard Time) on September 27th, 2002. Any accounts canceling after that point will be billed a prorated amount based on the number of days the account was active.

    You must use this link when visiting the site to get the free September hosting, because the site is dynamic and will charge everyone else the $9.95 that does not come from the link provided above. Please note that this offer only applies to accounts paid monthly.

    For information about Cyber World, Inc go to

    If doing a whois on our business to see how long we have been around, use our legacy domain name of, which is now just a forward to our site.

    Our backbone providers are Time Warner Telecom, with Touch America as our backup. We are running BGP4. To trace us use the ip address Our IP whois is at - lookup the IP

    Cyber World, Inc is a premier Windows 2000 web host. We have been hosting sites on Windows servers since 1996.

    We offer top notch support via our online trouble ticket system 24 x 7 x 365 and Toll Free support Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm PST. Our extensive Control Panel allows you to have complete control over your web site.

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    Sounds pretty good. But you don't find out about that $10 per FTP user charge 'till after you sign up.

    Too bad.

    You should be upfront about what you are really charging.

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    We are upfront about everything.
    We list everything you get on the site.

    I will edit the post accordingly, but what you see is what you get. Nothing more, nothing less

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    Yes, you do list them. You just do not say what you have to pay for them. I looked for the info on the charge for FTP accounts and could not find it.

    Thinking I must have missed the info on the FTP charges, I tried the control panel demo. (which is 6 clicks and one password into the site. if you know exactly where your going).

    This is what your demo says about FTP users.

    "Sorry, that function is unavailable to the test account."

    "All these functions and more are available to customers of Cyber World, Inc."

    No mention of the $10 per user charge.

    Don't get me wrong. I think you have a pretty nifty site. It is quick. Pretty good Control Panel. Some features I have not seen in other panels.

    But, $10 per head is a lot of money. Especially, when your competition will do it for free with a phone call.

    Why not offer 10 users free? That should do most people. Then let them upgrade for more?

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    Ok, I get where you are going. We should make the changes to our site that state that you only get 1 FTP user and additional users come at an extra fee.

    In our experience, and we have been around since 1996 and host thousands of domains, we have never had a demand for stuff like extra ftp users on our windows accounts. If you notice, we do not charge for them with our Linux Accounts. Most of our customer base just run their business sites, and only need one FTP to do their updates. We have in the past thought about offering it for free, and did for a month, and people abused it and used it for FTP sites for huge downloads and so on. Vven when we limited the amount of users they could add they still did that. We just find that we keep our servers running better this way, and would consider it if we found a way to limit FTP bandwidth on IIS 5.

    But thanks for the suggestion, and for the compliments on our Control Panel. We had to disable some of the features, not to hide prices, but to stop people from abusing the account on the control panel. With our next release we plan to put a demo on a staging server that does not matter and allow people to do what they want with is and get a 100% demo. We wills creen them of course so that they do not upload obscene stuff to our server.

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    Ok, now you understand and so do I.

    Like I said, you have a well designed panel that makes users feel comfortable. Your speed test was pretty good. (I got 1.15MBPS download from a satellite). Your feature set ie. CGI, ASP.NET, 3rd Party ASP components, PHP, dedicated IP.. nice positioning. I have not seen this mix of development tools. You are right. It is a good offer. Will PM you about the FTP.

    Heck, I signed up.

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    I will check for the PM now.

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    Btway... how do you check speed from a satellite?

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    He probably has Satelite Internet Access, and when downloading a file from our servers got 1.15MBPs over the satelite internet connection.

    Alvin Slocombe
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