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    Talking A Graphic Designerill design any graphics (professionally done) for a...

    Hi, im 14 and im very very good at php programming infact ive made lots and lots of scripts for people in the past and know im looking to make some graphics for hosting companys i do not want to get paid i just need someone to host my site :-) and in return ill make lots of graphics and even help with php programming/my sql ^_^ thanks if you accept ^_____^

    AIM- PHPRanger
    [email protected]

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    You should mention how much space/transfer you need, how many SQL DB's, etc.

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    Well im thiking around..

    space-100-500 mb
    transfer-10-50 gb
    SQL Databases - 1-5
    FTP Accounts - 1-5
    really everthing is uto you :-)

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    Could we have some examples?

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    Sure ill show you some of my work these are not any where near my best they was for friends at school :-) ( for a friend at school) (another for a friend at school) ( i drew the characters ) (this one was for my sis)

    and remember these are not my best work these banners actully only took my a couple minutes to make ^_^

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