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    PostNuke for Webhosting companies?

    Would you ever use PostNuke as your webpage for a webhosting company?

    I have successfully deployed it on one of my customer's sites, they love it, and I sort of love it too.

    But, I'm not sure if it would go off the deep end using it for a web hosting company.

    Example Postnuke site:

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    I don't remember who, but I know I've seen some hosts use it.
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    I love PostNuke as well my favorite CMS and XOOPS comes in second. I wouldn't use it for a website unless you get it customed designed. The one thing I hate about CMS is that most people use the default layout or all sites that use it tend to look the same except for color changes.

    You want your site to be viral and have a sense of "uniqueness" around it. You do not want prospective clients to feel as if they have been there before, or thing your hosting service is not up to par if you are using designs that everyone has seen before.

    Plus I would also evaluate where it would fit into the total scheme of things as far as my site goes. The blog feature on the front page is good for news sites, but unless you are going to be posting "frequent" news updates it wouldn't be of any use to you.

    Good luck in your decision, and remember, if you can make it "work" then by all means go for it!
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    PostNuke is a good system. I wouldn't use it as my company's website though. It looks.. too standard. Even if you do have your own theme, it's still not unique enough.

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    I used postnuke for my company (, this help me maintain my contents though I have to tweak a some code to work for webhosting business.

    I've been using postnuke for almost 2 years... basically know the software.
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    Thumbs up

    hey, nice implementation of Postnuke. Impressive.


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    I think uses it ( either postnuke or phpnuke ).

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    I use postnuke for some of my sites but not my business sites (yet), seems to be doing well though. / / : Interested?

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