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    * Godaddy complaint at The Consumerist

    GoDaddy demanded $6,579 from Adam Fendelman after his disk usage skyrocketed to over 250 GB without warning, vastly exceeding his account's 150 GB allowance.

    The massive data splurge was apparently caused by a bug in the widely-used open source website management software Drupal, which, like a cancerous tumor, was unstoppably copying thousands of temporary files into Adam's account. GoDaddy agreed to slash Adam's bill to $969....

    Adam started chronicling his issue on the Huffington Post, drawing the attention of GoDaddy's President. He directed his executive team to wipe out the $969 charge, and promised to kill any additional obscene bills that might pop up.

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    javascript required to read text? no thanks consumerist.
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    Ouch. It's easy to pin the blame on someone here, but...good to know it was eventually resolved anyway.

    Learn from it, and move along. Oh, and feel free to read the text attachment if you're up to it.

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    Not a surprise really, I have seen many horror stories from past GoDaddy customers...

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    Keeping in mind that it was not bandwidth, but storage, I wonder how many 100GB drives $6,579.00 would have paid for? Well, ok, 100 if they were $65.79 each.
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    lol it is pretty funny.
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