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    Domain Question

    In my search for a new host I have seen terms that I would like to make sure I am clear on. I would like to be able to have one account that will host 5 domain names that all have seperate domain e-mail and stuff. I do see the terms sub-domain and domain pointers. It was explained to me that subdomains are basically under your one main domain which I guess does me no good if I want seperate domain e-mails and really don't want the domians mixed at all. But what is a domain pointer? Does this keep the domains seperate from each other? Thanks.

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    Looks like you are looking for a small reseller plan..

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    Originally posted by OKIHost
    Looks like you are looking for a small reseller plan..
    Actually there are a few hosts that allow multiple domains with shared hosting plans with separate cpanels email and drive space. They share bandwidth. I know alwayswebhosting (up to 10), featureprice (with up to 4 or 5 depending on account). These are the two I can think of off-hand because I use them. ecphosting offers it too. I know there are others that I saw when shopping but I can think of them.

    You may want to look around in this thread group since they are offering web hosting services
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    A sub domain looks like
    A domain pointer is when one domain points to another one. An example would be if I type and it takes you to the site It is different from parking, but the end result is the same. You can not park on a subdomain.
    Some hosts offer addon domains. These are a domain that points at a subdomain. I type in and it goes to (I told you parking is different from pointing, but to explain it is too long. My brain is tired, apache, bind, and some other big words)
    What you want is called multi domain hosting. This may or may not be called a reseller account depending on the host, but you don't want to pay per domain.
    Multi domain hosting used to be associated with those "unbelieveable deals" offered by those "fly by night" hosts probably because they used the word "unlimited" when reffering to how many accounts a reseller could set up, but now it has become more popular because of people like yourself.
    There are quite a few good ones out there, and they do call it "multi domain hosting", so don't let some one tell you they never heard of it before, and try to offer you something like "pointing", parking, or addon domains, which is not what you want. (well maybe in addition to multi domains)
    Multi domain hosting will give you the ability to set up each domain seprately, each having their own cpanel, email, everything. You will use "Webhost manager" (commonly called WHM) to control them all.
    I hope that explains everything. Now you just need to find a good host.
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