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    RackShack -- My experience of Support

    I've been lurking in these forums for a few months now after buying a dedicated server from RackShack. Whilst I'm new to dedicated servers I'm not that green as I've been in the IT business for over 20 yrs and have been managing PCs and virtual hosting for a good few years. Anyway, just thought I would post my experience of RackShack support, which (for those who don't want to read further) has been excellent.

    1. Raised a ticket to get two extra IPs for DNS, allocated within 40 mins !

    2. Raised a ticket becuase I was getting a few SegFaults from Apache which after investigation I suspected was caused by memory hardware problems rather than software. They ran a memtest (which did not show anything - this was run whilst the server was up, so was just a basic test) and suggested some httpd.conf changes... The ticket was responded to within 3 hrs.

    3. The above suggested changes did not fix the SegFaults so today I resubmitted a ticket for them to investigate further. They agreed to pull the RAM and do a more detailed test, discovered it had a bad stick, and replaced it - Server was down for only an hour whilst this was done. Hopefuuly I have seen an end to the SegFaults.

    Just thought I would post this as I have seen quite a few posts from people who have had problems with RackShack support. Your mileage may vary, but for me at least I have nothing but praise for them - Great priced packages and good support.

    Let's hope it stays like this

    A happy RackShacker...

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    I am happy with them too. Pretty fast responses for a huge company like theirs.

    But there are times in which the support ticket responses did not get to my email box. And that was the time I requested for additional IPs and had to move my server because the subnet was out of IPs. I did not get any emails from them and panicked because I did not know what the new IPs were. Manage to find them off the Support Ticket online had got the matter under control.

    Beyond that, I am happy with them. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    haha you know what's funny?

    I had to have the ram replaced on all my rackshack servers except one..

    some of the servers i had to have the ram replaced TWICE.

    Because apparently after they swapped my ram the first time, turns out that was bad too! they couldn't be bothered to test the stick they were using as a replacement to see if it was good or not.

    All of them had seg fault errors. heh.

    isn't that amazing

    i have 6.

    In the end, after the hardware problems are resolved, RS is good enough for me.

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    Hmmm...I've never heard of that many RAM sticks going bad. I wonder if they use new ones or just recycle old RAM. For $99 a month you can't really expect any more.

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    Has anyone had good luck with their Compaq's? I feel being name brand should be more stable with hardware and such.

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    I got good server admins so I not need "support" - but if you really need support - stay away from RackShack. I use them and c1 host to - but only for none newbe sites.

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