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    * GeekStorage Managed VPS - 50% off, 50% more & Free 128 MB RAM Upgrade!

    The geeks behind know what it takes to ensure quality web hosting. Having hosted over 20,000 websites we know that guaranteed performance backed up by "Powered by Geek" support ensures you are with the best.


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    These offers are valid for all new customers and additional service plans and cannot be combined with any other GeekStorage special offer. This offer will expire soon, so take advantage of it while you still can!

    Discover the best playground on the internet for webmasters and developers! Don't worry, you can go geek with confidence... HostReview has named GeekStorage as one of the fastest growing companies of 2007 and we are a multiple award winning service provider! Go geek and experience truly superior web hosting.

    Check out GeekStorage Virtual Private Servers...

    Have you outgrown a shared environment? Need something bigger, but not quite ready for a dedicated? Our Virtual Private Servers afford you the ability to have dedicated resources on a budget, backed up by our awesome "Powered by Geek" support. You can get your own Virtual Private Server with full root access, which means you have complete control over your playground… install the operating system you want, the control panel of your choice and any other cool toys that you’d like!

    Transitioning from shared to a Virtual Private Server has never been easier! We offer FREE managed service and FREE account migrations to ensure a quick and easy move. Our geeks will help you secure and harden your new Virtual Private Server, helping to ensure it is kept safe from “evil-doers”. In addition to initial setup, we’ll help you configure your desired control panel and provide you up to 2 hours of system administration time every month!

    Virtualization at its best...

    We’ve partnered with the industry leader in virtualization technology, Parallels (Virtuozzo), to offer our geeks a great product at extremely affordable prices. With our entry Virtual Private Server you can save up to 90% off the price of an entry dedicated server!

    Our Virtual Private Servers look and behave exactly like a dedicated server. The virtualization, made possible by Virtuozzo, partitions a web server into many isolated Virtual Private Servers, giving you complete control!

    FREE Control Panel

    Most service providers make you pay up to $15/month extra for a control panel. We’ve taken a different approach that’s closer to reality… an absolutely FREE control panel, as after all, the ability to administer your website really is a necessity – not a commodity.

    You can take your pick between cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk (100 domain license) or Webmin as your control panel of choice.

    Included with all accounts:

    * Premium Bandwidth (Level(3), Mzima, UUNet, Verio, Savvis and DTag)
    * Choice of Operating System (CentOS, Debian, FedoraCore, Ubuntu and Suse)
    * FREE Control Panel (cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk 100 domain or Webmin)
    * FREE Managed Service
    * FREE Account Migrations
    * FREE Virtuozzo 4 with Power Panel
    * Equal Share CPU
    * Guaranteed RAM
    * Generous Burstable RAM
    * Root Access
    * 3 FREE Dedicated IP Addresses
    * FREE Daily Backups
    * "Powered by Geek" Support
    * Powerful Dual Quad Core Harpertown E5410 Servers
    * At LEAST 32 GB RAM
    * High-Redundancy RAID 10 Array and R1Soft CDP NAS Backups

    Discounted Accessories & FREEbies

    In addition to the generous allotments on our Virtual Private Servers, we'll provide you with discounted domain registration fees, SSL certificates, IP addresses and more to let you add additional value to your offering.

    For a complete listing of all of the features offered by, click here!

    Virtual Private Server Offerings

    The VPS 384 includes...
    * 25 GB CDP & RAID Protected Storage (50% more... 37.5 GB Storage!)
    * 200 GB Premium Bandwidth (50% more... 300 GB Premium Bandwidth!)
    * 384 MB Guaranteed RAM (FREE Upgrade... 512 MB Guaranteed RAM)
    * 1,152 MB Burstable RAM
    * Only $35.00/month (Get 50% OFF your first invoice! Use coupon: WHT50MORE)

    The VPS 512 includes...
    * 40 GB CDP & RAID Protected Storage (50% more... 60 GB Storage!)
    * 400 GB Premium Bandwidth (50% more... 600 GB Premium Bandwidth!)
    * 512 MB Guaranteed RAM (FREE Upgrade... 640 MB Guaranteed RAM)
    * 1,536 MB Burstable RAM
    * Only $55.00/month (Get 50% OFF your first invoice! Use coupon: WHT50MORE)

    The VPS 768 includes...
    * 60 GB CDP & RAID Protected Storage (50% more... 90 GB Storage!)
    * 600 GB Premium Bandwidth (50% more... 900 GB Premium Bandwidth!)
    * 768 MB Guaranteed RAM (FREE Upgrade... 896 MB Guaranteed RAM)
    * 2,304 MB Burstable RAM
    * Only $75.00/month (Get 50% OFF your first invoice! Use coupon: WHT50MORE)

    The VPS 1024 includes...
    * 85 GB CDP & RAID Protected Storage (50% more... 127.5 GB Storage!)
    * 800 GB Premium Bandwidth (50% more... 1,200 GB Premium Bandwidth!)
    * 1,024 MB Guaranteed RAM (FREE Upgrade... 1,152 MB Guaranteed RAM)
    * 3,072 MB Burstable RAM
    * Only $95.00/month (Get 50% OFF your first invoice! Use coupon: WHT50MORE)

    For a complete listing of all of our Virtual Private Server features offered by, click here!

    No Contracts - cancel at anytime!
    Same day setup!
    Free website migration!

    Take advantage of our 60-day money back guarantee, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 99.9% Server Uptime SLA and go geek today!

    Have any questions?

    Email [email protected] or send me a PM on these forums.
    *, LLC - Offering awesome website hosting for over 9 years!
    * Shared Hosting * Reseller Hosting * Pure SSD VPS * Managed Dedicated
    * Powered by Geeks... and SSD's! - You're in good hands, geek hands.
    * Have questions? Send us an e-mail, we'd love to hear from you!

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    Post Frequently Asked Questions

    What credit cards do you accept?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

    Do you accept PayPal?

    Yes, we do accept PayPal.

    Do you support Microsoft FrontPage extensions?

    By default all of our hosting plans are created with Microsoft Frontpage extensions turned on.

    Does GeekStorage offer service to International clients?

    Most definitely! We are open to geeks around the world. Whether your pocket protector is from Hungary or the United States, you're always welcome here.

    What if I need more space and bandwidth?

    If you end up needing more space and bandwidth than your allotment allows, you can easily upgrade your plan to the next level at no additional charge. Upgrading your plan provides you greater savings than if you were to just purchase additional quota increases.

    How easy is it to upgrade or downgrade my web hosting?

    We made sure that it's very easy... and free! To upgrade or downgrade your plan, please login to and submit a help desk ticket to Geek Support.

    Do you provide Windows-based hosting or support ASP?

    We do not currently offer Windows-based hosting and do not support ASP or .NET framework. If this is a feature you would like to see added to the GeekStorage service offering, please e-mail [email protected] with your suggestion!

    Does GeekStorage require service contracts?

    For the most part, no. Only one service plan (Starter, shared plan) requires at least a 12 month billing period. All other plans have a monthly billing option and do not require any contract whatsoever. We do offer considersable savings for prepayment and we do encourage you to test drive our service under our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you decide you love our service, you may decide that grabbing a prepayment discount is a great idea.

    Does GeekStorage offer free trials?

    Instead of a free trial we offer a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. If you decide our service isn't for you during the first 60 days, contact us and let us know. We'll refund fees, no questions asked.

    How long does it take to set up a new account?

    VPS orders are usually provisioned within 2-12 hours of signup.

    Does GeekStorage charge any setup fees?

    We do not charge setup fees for any of our service plans. Some account upgrade options do have setup fees.

    Does GeekStorage charge any hidden fees?

    We do not charge any hidden fees. All of our service fees are published on our service pages or in our Terms of Service (for overages, etc.).

    Can I buy domains names from GeekStorage?

    Yes, domain names start at $8/per year and can be purchased on our Order page.

    Do you do regular backups of my account?

    Yes, we utilize R1Soft's CDP on our NAS servers to backup changes made to your account every hour! From within our backup management control panel you can manage your backups and restore individual files, or your entire account, with the click of a button!

    I have my own SSL certificate, can GeekStorage install it for me?

    Yes, we can install your own SSL certificate for a $10 installation fee. SSL certificates require a dedicated IP address, so you would also need to order one if your current plan does not provide one to you.

    Alternatively, you can install your own SSL certificate, absolutely free of charge, by logging into the account's control panel and performing the installation yourself

    Does GeekStorage offer SSL certificates for purchase?

    Yes, we currently offer a 128 / 256 bit RapidSSL Certificate for $15/year (IP address not included).

    Does GeekStorage offer PHP 5?

    Yes, we fully support PHP 5 (w/Zend Optimizer).

    Do you offer custom packages?

    We do not offer custom packages. We are confident that one of our service offerings would be right for you. If you are having trouble deciding, please let one of our Sales Geeks assist you.

    How can I contact technical support?

    You can contact technical support by visiting our "Powered by Geek" Support website or you can e-mail us at [email protected].
    *, LLC - Offering awesome website hosting for over 9 years!
    * Shared Hosting * Reseller Hosting * Pure SSD VPS * Managed Dedicated
    * Powered by Geeks... and SSD's! - You're in good hands, geek hands.
    * Have questions? Send us an e-mail, we'd love to hear from you!

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