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    Special Platinum Reseller Accounts from Chatcircuit - 8 left

    Chatcircuit Has Reseller Accounts Available!!

    Only 8 Special Platinum Reseller Accounts Left!

    First Come First Serve!

    Why just 15? Cause thats all we have room we have on our current servers until our new ones are online.

    We do NOT oversell, so you get optimal server resources available 24/7

    4 Gigs Diskspace & 40 Gigs Bandwidth!!

    This Special comes with Fantastico Install Script for CPanel 5.0

    OS Commerce - B2 Weblog - 4Images Gallery - PHPauction - PHProjekt - PHP-Nuke - Post-NUKE phpBB2 - phpLinks - phpWebSite

    This is a great sales tool to offer specific brands of hosting to your clients, and the setup takes minutes!!

    Dedicated IP - NS1.YOURDOMAINNAMEHERE.COM Nameservers Available

    200 Domains - Unlimited MySQL Database

    Unlimted POP3/Email/FTP/SubDomains

    PHP 4.2.2 - MySQL 3.23.51 - Image-Magick

    RedHat 7.2 - Apache 1.3.26 - cURL - SSI

    CPanel V.5 - WHM Resellers Control Panel

    Take the XP Panel CPanel Skin Tour!

    This flash tour is available for download to put on your website.

    Server and Connection Statistics

    Private CGI-BIN - Sorry No Telnet/SSH Accounts

    Sorry No UBB or YaBB or Flat text file Forums

    Chatcircuit started hosting 7 years ago when we just had the site.

    So come join us! 30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

    $28.00 Per Month - this price is good for a year! Next years price will NOT be higher than an additional 15%

    Credit Cards and Paypal accepted.

    I am on ICQ: 112167

    AIM and Yahoo! : lazzchatcircuit

    MSN: [email protected]

    E-Mail [email protected]

    Thank You!

    Vic Chisnell
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    I would just liek to say that I am a client of ChatCircuit and Vic has been THE BEST.. Uptime is fantastic and the support is well... how can I say it... FANTASTICO!!! LOL

    Go with this plan and especially Vic & ChatCircuit if you are at all interested in reselling... You will NOT be disapponited.. I know I have not been...

    Vic, kudos to yo my friend.. Glad to see you are once again offering reseller plans..

    Kevin Holder

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    393 & the other links take forever to load for me I am EU based and have 256 kB/s downstream .. (cable, so no slow dial-up) ...

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    loads fast for me i`m on a 56k dialup in uk?

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    too bad there's no ssh

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    Euro connection

    Hi Alex[nl]

    Sorry you had a problem, our index page is 17k I think, should have loaded fast for you :-)

    We have many European and Middle Eastern clients who have never complained of slow loading for their websites, but the internet is a strange beast, so I dont doubt you had a problem..

    Hopefully it was just temporary.

    Thanx for the post!

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    No SSH :-(

    Hi cybotix

    What processes did you need ssh for? Our clients find that they can do all processes and functions using other methods than ssh.

    If you have a special application you need, msg or email me and perhaps we can talk about it!

    thanx for the post!

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    Vic is an excellent host! Though we might be seen as competitors now, we still have our platinum reseller plan with him. We simply havent cancelled because he is a great friend to have and a nice guy to talk to.

    The only drawback is if you MUST have SSH and seeing from his above post, looks like special arrangements can be made for SSH access.

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