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    building a profile website

    Ok, i am new to webdesign, and well, i have been doing it for years, but have really got into it recently.

    I must admit, im not that good, but would like to give designing a go, and would make websites for cheap.

    Anyway, i want to make a website to show my skills, and im wondering, what type of things do you put on your profiles, what colours look good etc.

    Even if i make nothing from webdesign, i enjoy, and want to make a profile, just to see what im capable of, and just for the fun of it.

    Anyway, thanx allot


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    A buddy of mine made, so you might be able to get some ideas from that.

    Good luck..


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    that link didnt work for me

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    Just elaborate your skills on the site. Also if any sample work can be shown will be a good advantage. Choose Blue and white color combination as it looks good in profile design template.

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