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    Arrow Microsofts MCSE & MCSA Courses

    Hi All,

    Need information in regards to the Microsoft’s MCSA and MCSE courses.

    What are there true values in regards to the costs? Are they worth it?

    What value are the certificates in the IT field are they looked on as a good thing or just not worth the paper they are written on.

    Once these courses are passed, do they increase the income in regards to job prospects, wages bills etc.

    Say if a job is being advertised for $20000 a year without these certs, what would you increase that figure to for someone with the certs?

    What if someone has no actual hands on experience other that passing these courses, do you still think they are worth employing and what are they worth?


    What do toy think of these courses in general.

    Need info, looking for comments.

    Thanks all,




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    certs are nothing unless its backedup with real hands on work. Some people that hire know this some do not. Dont expect to get a job just because u have a cert
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    Ummmm its not for me M8 it for a position I have coming up LOL

    Wanted to get some comments thats all.

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    Start with this

    Your resume looks a lot better, and it doubles, tribles... your chance to get an interview. To some company, it's a requirement. Which means, if you dont have it, they don't talk to you

    In a long run, and with experience, you're in the hot seat.

    Don't forget to look at Cisco cources/training/cert.

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    I have taken the whole MCSA track done tests 210-215 and waiting to take the last one (I think 216) and while the cert does look good the more hand one experience you have the more your worth.. If you are entry level with a MCSA you will still always make less than a guy with 2-5yrs experience.. Trust me patience is the key. I would suggest thought if you know basic netwroking and such not to even bother with the classes just go get a book and study.. they fly through the classes anyway.. my co. paid for mine so I really didn't care but I see it as knd of a waste of $$$

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