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    nameserver problem


    The company that provides my hosting said I can have my own nameservers for my account. They said all I need to do is to point to the IP's they use on their nameservers and it will work.

    I registered the nameservers with my domain name registrar, and they are now visible in the internic whois which means they have been created correctly.

    They were created about 5 days ago and they will still not ping. I have contacted both my hosting company and my domain registrar and they both say it is OK at their end?

    Anyone help? Please PM or email me!

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    Sounds like the ip's don't exist, or there not added to any server(s) ip table's.

    Try, and ping the ips alone, and see if that even pings.

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    The IP's ping fine on their own and the other names they are attached to work fine also, its just my nameservers?


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    Here is what needs to be done for this to work. Note that the reseller's domain MUST be hosted on your box to be able to do this, and this applies to running WHM as root. This information was posted by "superiorhost" on the CPanel forum, however, I have modified it to make it work using your main nameserver IPs (Yes, this does work, this is how my own customers are set up, provided that the domain they want to assign DNS servers for is hosted on my box ... if it's not, it has to have static IPs.

    Find and write down your nameserver IP addresses.

    assuming that you do not use SSH to manage your zone files,,,

    You want to click the "Edit a DNS Zone" from the left WHM menu.

    Select the resellers domain from the list, and click the "Edit" button.

    Now, you see the resellers zone file.
    BE CAREFULL IN HERE - This file makes their site work!!!

    Look at the Zone file.. your second line should be an entry box full of numbers, and the words "Serial Number" off to the right of that.
    You need to add the count of 1 to the serial number in that editable box.
    (Example: 1009665039 will become: 1009665040)

    Now, go down the list of editable boxes in the zone file,,,, several lines later you will see "Add New Entries Below this Line"
    There are some blank boxes to edit in new info.

    Put the following:
    In the first box, put NS or what ever name you are using for the name server, but just NS for this example.
    NS then leave teh numbers 14400 alone,,,
    after the word "IN" you want the letter "A" in that selectable list to show.
    In the first editable box after the letter "A", put the IP for your main nameserver.

    Repeat this with NS2 for the second name server on the next line.

    Now click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

    Send an e-mail to your reseller to go to his registry with the new IPs for the name servers,,, make sure to spell it out for them...
    ie; - - IP:

    Now, you can go into your Edit reseller area of the WHM, and select that reseller.. go to the bottom of his page, and enter the names for his new name servers... etc...

    click to save.

    You're done.
    Again, note that this was posted on the CPanel forum, and I have modified the instructions to work this way. Also, as long as the reseller's domain IS HOSTED on your own box, this will work. If not, you must assign static IPs. Don't ask me why it works, I just know it does.

    Proof in point, my nameservers.

    NS1.KCDWORKS.COM matches NS1.SAFETYFORLIFE.COM, same with NS2. This hopefully will save some companies a lot of IP address usage.

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    maybe it's just ns1.... and ns2.... aren't setup in your zone file?
    you can't ping the ns1... but you can the ip?

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