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    * High Traffic Website For Sale

    Howdy Folks,

    I have listed this site for sale on WHT before, but I never got around to following up on the responses as I was too busy working on the site

    Anyway, I've now decided to sell it (price permitting).

    Site Name: Bikini Addict Daily Galleries
    Site URL:
    Daily Hits: Approx 4-5K (and over 15000 pageviews)
    Monthly Revenue: Approx $250-350 USD is a well established bikini TGP (thumbnail gallery post). It is completely automated, and requires very little maintenance. It's listed in all major search engines, and receives approx 500 uniques per day from SE traffic - the rest from other links and link exchanges. It uses approx 21GB b/w per month, and is currently hosted for a little over $16 per month. Revenue is from selling memberships to sponsor sites, as well as from selling text links/gallery spots.

    Serious enquires only please, and bidding starts at USD $500.
    Paypal is our preferred method of payment.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me:

    [email protected]

    Cheers, Internet Solutions

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    hrmm... site won't load for me!

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    That's strange - it's working for me....

    BikiniAddict ?

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    so is it just a links site?

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    Well, it's a TGP.

    (which basically is a links site, yes)

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    Doesn't work here either. (Europe)
    Affordable Hosting & Bulk Reseller accounts.

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    I have it working... but I am not that impressed by it.. I can undertstand it is very low on the maintenence part... there doesn't seem to be anything to updat ... It seems part of a network of other sites with the same interest that link to eachocher on various places... clicking pictures will most likely bring you to sites that don't mind if the bikinis are dropped .. ..

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    Originally posted by Alex[nl]
    ... clicking pictures will most likely bring you to sites that don't mind if the bikinis are dropped .. ..

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