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    P-4 1.7Ghz 1GB Ram 120GB HD(7200 rpm) 600GB bandwidth - anyone need this??

    Hi everyone. This is probably long shot but maybe someone is interested.

    I picked up couple servers from while back when they had this one time special deals.

    Pentium 4 1.7Ghz
    1GB Ram
    2 x 60GB HD 7200 RPM
    600GB bandwidth transfer
    1 year Geo trust SSL certificate
    came with Ensim 3.0 but with restore they install Ensim 3.1

    The thing is that I realized that I don't need this server for the service I provide. I am not into web hosting and I'll never use 600GB or 120GB of space.

    Since Rackshack don't provide this server anymore, maybe someone is interested in leasing this server from me.

    month to month contract
    $100/setup - $200/month
    $250/month with no setup fee

    interested party must be able to pay me by paypal.

    I have 2 of these.
    One is available ASAP.

    I currently uninstalled ensim but I can request a restore and you'll get it with ensim 3.1

    Anyone interested please pm me or email me at [email protected].

    Again, this is one of the rackshack server. I had 0 downtime since I got the server.

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    Are you sure its not one of those dud servers thats racking up huge amouts of bandwidth? Can you provide proof that this is not the case?

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    Question proof?? what kinda proof??

    This is kinda cool. I feel like I'm back at eBay trying to sell my Grandfather clock.

    Anyways, I barely even used this server.

    you can check the mrtg

    I uninstalled ensim and put some load on it. But I decided not to use that server for what I was using coz I was wasting 120GB of HD. Since most of my use is webmail system.

    And I have 8 servers with rackshack. So I moved it to one of my Pentium 3 server. Does the exact same thing and handles the load.

    You see if I kept using it here, I would just waste the 120GB of space. and the most I need is about 10 - 20 GB of space.

    I been with rackshack since February. I had no problems with none of my servers and have no clue what others are complaining about.

    Anyways, I don't really need to get rip of this server. I could probably use it one way or another. I don't want folks to feel that I'm trying to get rip of a lemon here.

    I probably wouldn't even post this if I wasn't drunk

    anyways, need another beer

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    haha - you post in forums when you are drunk too?! I did some thing crazy the other night and bidded for something at ebay after having had "a few". Luckily someone else was more stupid or drunk than me and outbidded me- Phew, saved my ass.

    Some days are longer than others :p

    Good luck with selling the servers.

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    just to say i have one of those servers and theyre great. im keeping quiet about the price i paid, but they really do come with 600 GB and they can easily serve it. very good servers.

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    Talking just happy to see some posts


    I got to get paid for the $$ that I invested in this thing.

    Anyways, I'm just happy to see some replies.

    I tried.

    last call

    hehe thought that smash thing was cool.

    Just need to think of a way to use up those 120GB of HD and 600GB of bandwidth.

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    i also have one of these servers, back in march or whatever when they first offered it.

    i wish i had gotten more though.

    they are extremely stable with zero hardware problems.

    i would buy one off you eemarket, but i don't like the idea of the server being under your name.

    It would be like i'm paying an "average ol joe" $200/mo for a server

    so if i pay you may 1st, that lasts me till jun 1st.

    if may 29th rolls around, and im getting ready to pay for jun 1st - july 1st, but you disappear. and my server mysteriously goes down, and all the pw's are changed, or something like that.... i'm screwed.

    so that's why i dont feel comfortable buying one from you, as i would use it for business purposes. I cannot afford to get screwed.

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