I'm looking to let go of my RackShack Compaq box. I'd rather resell the server and recoup what's invested into it. I'm offering the box -- a Compaq DL320 PIII with 1GB of RAM. It sits on a 10MB unmetered port. I'd be willing to let it go for $499 per month, no setup, offered on a monthly contract. RackShack does not currently offer this package, so this would be a great way to pick up a Compaq with no setup.

Server Specs:
Compaq DL320
PIII 1.0 GHz.
RedHat 7.1
Ensim 3.0

The server is offered on the same terms as RackShack. That is, un-managed. The system can be restored or upgraded for their normal fee. I can offer this server managed for an additional fee.

I'm also considering offering virtual accounts on the server with 600GB of bandwidth for $114 per month. Same deal, no setup, and monthly contract. This would be well suited for someone who needs bulk bandwidth but would not utilize much CPU.

If you're interested in either offer, let me know here, by email at [email protected], or PM me. Otherwise, the server gets dropped on September 8th.