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    * Sexco - "Your Adult ISP" - 1.0Ghz Server $99

    Sexco operates their hosting operation within their own office, not leased from another provider. With our impressive OC3 connection to the Internet backbone, we can guarantee 100% network uptime. Sexco is the only ISP that caters to the adult industry exclusively!

    We offer 1.0Ghz servers with Red Hat Linux 7.3 for $99.95 per month including 25GB of burstable bandwidth on a full duplex 100 Meg connection. ($149.95 set up) This includes 1 hour of support management a month with no contracts or minimum commitments.

    Servers are set up the same day and we are open 7 days a week with support via Live Chat and Toll Free Phone.

    Toll Free: 1-866-40-SEXCO

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    Not to be rude, but $4.00 per GB is a little expensive. How can anyone using your services make a profit? I have been searching for a dedicated adult server and even thought that was charging a little too much; $99 for 100 GB of BW.

    Perhaps you should lower your rates or offer better packages and you may receive some more business. People on here are a bit frugal, myself included.

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    You think $99 for 100 GB is expensive ?!?!

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    Shawn? Shawn White? Is that you?

    (just kidding)
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    I was intrested in your service until about 5:13 this afternoon. I have called your 800 number about once every hour since 9 this morning until 5:13 this afternoon. And I keep getting told that all of your sales reps are busy, and to leave a message. Sorry, but I dont need this type of service and I dont know many that do.

    Let me tell you a little secret about being in business: ALWAYS answer your sales offices' phones. Then once you reel them in and hook them, let them hold for hours in support. Hey, thats the American way.

    For me to be unable to reach your sales people with money in my hand just cost you a sale. And if you dont answer your phones all day tommrow, you will probably lose another sale soon.

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    * Vaseline anyone?

    They did it to you with no lube.. hahah
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    I think an adult hoster can best plug in a Cogent line and start offering those awesomely low bandwidth deals. Adult sites don't care about speed. Only the first page should load fast, because once a customer is in he pays per minute (at least in Europe) so the adult site owner like a slower connection since this means more calling minutes. And they need lots of bandwidth because of their movies and pictures for a price as low as possible.

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