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    Arrow hi, I am new, can u pls check this site?

    Wow, is this a professional forum?
    Never seen so many excellent designs! Glad I found this web board!

    Anyway I just developed a site and wondering what you think? please tell me if there is anything wrong! I have a client meeting coming up!!


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    Hi, I'm not sure if you wanted design info (graphics) or accessability. I chose the latter.

    One suggestion, you need to give full contact information. Your potential clients need to know how to reach you by any means.

    As well make a link on your recruitment page from "*please call us for more details". This should go to your phone number.
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    I though I am seeing a solar system. You can make a small Flash intro instead. I did not like your site.

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    I thought I am seeing a solar system. You can make a small Flash intro instead. I did not like your site.

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    hehehe thanks hostkookster, you are right there is not enough contact info

    floppy: may I ask is there anything else you didnt like apart from the main graphic? its important to me

    though I'd have to disagree with you on a flash intro, bring on the flamers (hehehe) but I dont like flash in places it can be avoided. Remeber: lots of users still have older windows, borwsers and no flash plugin! Plus it would probably be annoying if one is coming back for the live jobs info or so. Perhaps I am wrong, but only trying to make it as professional as i can

    hey but thanks for your time you two!

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    Kinda sloooow... even on dual ds3's ;-)

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    The site is ok but is lacking in the design area. I wouldnt put the contact info right in the middle it doesnt say anything to the user.

    One thing most newbies forget is that a site just not only conveys information but gives the user a feeling at the same time.

    What I mean by this is that, users read a book yes, that book paints an enviroment based on the words. A magazine does the same thing with pictures.

    A site has to be visualy appealing, yet no lose focus on the goal of delivering the content to the user in a manner that they can understand it and digest it.

    The best thing for you to do is look at some of your competition and see what they are doing. BUT, just dont look at it try and understand WHY they did it that way. Once you learn that you will start to understand the overall basics of design better.

    Dont think from the inside out but from the outside in.

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    the header is a little weird

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