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    merchant merchant merchant!!

    I am 16 and it is extremely hard to find a merchant provider that will be compatible with modernbill because I am to young for most merchant providers, can anyone please help me! Im getting extremely fustrated looking for one. I use revecom right now but modernbill isn't compatible with revecom yet and I really need to use modernbill right now.

    Matt |

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    I think you have to wait for 2 more years to get a merchant account opened. You are too young now. It's time for your studies dude.

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    Have you checked out They are somewhat between a paypal and a full blown merchant account. I'm not sure the age requirements with it. Could one of your parents co-sign?

    Time for your studies.... My friend sure your studies are important, but you are never too young to learn to earn to a living. More power to you!

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    2checkout is not compatible with modernbill. I'v been selling hosting since nov 2001, I used revecom. I do have enough time for my studies, I have already experienced with that. I'd rather run a hosting business then go out and get a job, then I really won't have time for my studies.

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    More power to you Matt. I've dropped out of school at the age of 16 to work for EarthLink. Since then I've been running my own Open Source e-Commerce Development Company.

    I admire what you're doing. Keep up the good work, and don't let anybody tell you that you can't do it.

    Thank You,
    Hasan Robinson
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    Screw studies go get laid..

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    Do your thing and make money but get your education too.. It really stinks to not have it later. The more successful you are the more highly educated people you will be around. Once you get around all those higly educated folks you will realize (not saying you don't know already) the importance of the education. It's not just a way to help you have a better chance at earning a living, it's a way to make yourself more confident etc. as you get older and face new challenges, people and situations.

    Sorry, my 2 cents about education.. I like OKIHost's point of view as well.. HA HA
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    StartAnISP has the perfect point.

    Don't get an education because you need it right now, it's a safety blanket for the future. If for some reason your super successful company fails (like a dot-com ever could!) there's always backup credentials ready to help you through the rough waters.

    The hardest part with success is forgetting to plan for failure. So you're doing great right now and probably will ten years from now... what happens at year 11, 15, 20? Without that otherwise useless BSc, MSCT, A+, PhD, etc. you're a guy with no credentials and qualified for little above manual labour even if you've been running your own small business for years. It'd really suck having to start over from zero than the level provided by an education's safety net.



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    Good points. Education means a lot.
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    Thank you for all your thoughts but I am still in need of a merchant account.

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    Sorry, we all became parents..
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    what third party processors does modernbill support?? try those first and from what i read version 4 (soon to be released) should support 2checkout.

    Also might want to post your request at the modernbill forum - someone might be able to help you there too.


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    Ya! I got one from ! Got approved this morning

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    and good luck with your project! (school is important too btw - see if you can get them to give you credit for your business - might be able to get one of your teachers to help you out with it too!)

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