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    Entertainment Job Opening

    We are looking for those who are interested in creating a name for themselves, along with possibly earning a little revenue. We need someone who would like to create Daily Television Picks on and/or take care of weekly movie theater showings. We are looking for volunteers ... and those who volunteer would receive a portion of what we earn from advertising revenue. So, if the volunteer does a great job with Daily TV Picks or other content on our site, they will get more revenue from the advertisements (since visitors will be willing to go to more pages).

    If anyone is interested, please respond to this thread or pm me.

    Thank you.

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    Contact - I work with this site and he does content for remote sites at a real reasonable rate including movie reviews, previews, and cobranding


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    Thanks Jeoworks and batcavenet for your help.

    Hopefully I will be able to find someone who is wanting to help us out. There are many benefits attached to whomever decides to help us out -- money, recognition, more visitors (which builds more of the first two benefits), and much more.
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