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    Dedicated Server space for resellers/shared hosting


    I have some dedicated server space that I would like to see if any resellers or shared hosting people could use.

    The server is in a redundant data center (56 Marietta Carrier Hotel).

    512 mb ram

    I have plenty of IP's, bandwidth and space, and am willing to sell some of it to anybody who wont use it for porn, IRC, or just plain old file storage.

    Any offers just email me: [email protected].

    I figure I can take some offers for the space, can't give it away of course

    I am willing to work with you to get what you need.

    As far as support, my server is managed, however, I dont mind providing support. You can email me, IM, whatever you feel like.

    Just let me know!

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    So hmmm how much could I take it off ya hands for a monthlly price?

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    You can't take it off my hands, but you can lease space But, I guess it's what your willing to pay if you "take it off my hands". But, again, that is not my intention is to turn the server over to someone.

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    How much for 15GB space and 25GB bandwidth ?

    I need only one IP, and some sort of controlPanel.
    Unlimited mySQL (at least 50)
    Shared SSL

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