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    File Mirroring Site: Need Help for Server

    Hello i'm going to open a site like , but i need help to choose a server and where to get it.

    The visitors upload one file to our server, the server upload to 6 free file hositng, and the file is deleted of our server.

    What would you recommend to get, my starting budget is U$250

    ps: I think i will need to use multiple servers on future, is load balance the unique solution? or do you think if site raises to 100-160k uvs per day it is possible to stay with only one server. Where can i get load balance?
    What server start with U$250.

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    Check hart-beat program via google, but i don`t think its nesessery. Your vistors are from europe/asia/usa? Also dont use apache for it, choose ligttpd or other.

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    I don't know nothing about server management, apache ligttpd what is this? :X ... most of traffic is from south america and usa.

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    those are www servers. check offers forum, you should find something there, do you have admin? he could help you with it.

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    you have a busy website!! I think you need at least two server or more!!

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