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    Talking Review My Football site please

    Hi all can u review my football site if you want to join please do so but heres the link

    thank you

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    Oh, that football .... ;-)

    Site loads quick. Light blue on white is hard to read, though. I like the rollovers.

    And my money is on Arsenal :-)

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    I like it

    OMG is Soccer

    Next time I will read the first reply before clicking in the link

    Anyway I liked the colors you chose. It looks crisp to me and I found no problem reading the font on the white background.

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    Your forum looks good. What is missing is the header. The site looks bald.

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    Whoa man get a new logo lol

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    You americans..

    Soccer is the best sport around....

    Better than that wild sport for animals you call football...

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    You want to kick a header?

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    Sorry, but

    Sorry, but it looked better without the header.

    I don't like this one. Are those strikes across the banner made on purpose... And was the line of green text on top of red background there before... If so, I do not like that either.

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    besides the "logo" what part did u design?

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    Thumbs up

    everything looks great except the logo - If you don't want to spend a lot of time designing a new logo try

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    The logo looks like it was done in MS Word.

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