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    Do you allow live registrations?

    I was just wondering what's common practice among the smaller/medium sized webhosts out there. Do you allow your clients to do live registrations of their domains, or do you verify every registration made through your systems?

    Are there any applications out there allowing the user to sign up, but not forwarding the order to the registrar until you (the domain reseller) has verified it?

    I can, of course, have my clients to sign up through a formmail script, having the order mailed to me, and after accepting it, I could manually go register the domain with my registrar. However, that would really take a lot of typing to set the correct registrant data for all domains registered through me.

    Isn't there an easier way of doing this? I am an Enom reseller, if that would matter.

    Thank you!

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    Just use enom's registry rocket, setup your own nameservers in RR link and you are safe. The client gets the domain only if he pay, and you get a commission from every registration. Just a suggestion, don't know if it works well with you.
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    This doesn't work for me, as I am currently only accepting local customers and bill them all though snailmail. So I'd still need something as described above.. Suggestions are still welcome.


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    If you create your own form, I suggest that you use though they will charge you per commission (4.5%) per transaction.

    The positive feedback is you don't have to worry about maintaining merchant account.

    Check order system.
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