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    New Cyberwings Info

    As of Sept 4 2002, all servers and equipment belonging to Shawn J White and Cyberwing Communications, but currently posessed by Lightship Telecom have been seized by the court pending resolution of Lightship's claim against Shawn J White and Cyberwing Communication. Cyberwings can no longer exercise their legal right under Maine law to retrieve all equipment; a right that they never exercised although they could have.

    This infomration this has been confirmed by the Court Clerk, Superior Court, Cumberland County Court - dockett number: CV02408

    Anyhone wishing to verify this information on their own should call them at 207-822-4105

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    I think was an awsome site. It was great for getting up to date information on the sitution. These people had to actually communicate and work with the awful company till they got their refunds, so it is not a waste of time to them to keep the others posted if they think they have information that could be helpful. Kodos to the creator for taking time out of their life to keep others informed with mostly accurate information.

    Edit: Richard -- I sure you could find somebody out there that has made a site about the government owning them money.

    Yet, another sad thing to find out... that he could have gotten everybodys data back! What was he thinking!
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