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    Benchmark software

    We have a new server at work we will be selling to dental clients, and we also have the workstation. Fairly nice machines, as of now the server just has a IDE hd, generally gets raid 5 when sent to clients, 512 ram, p4 2.5ghz, xp prof. Basicly I am looking for some software that can test what it can handle. This might seem a tad generic, and that is why I am having trouble finding this type of software. What the server does mainly, is store large image files(pictures of teeth and what not, gets pretty big) also gets a lot of requests to the sybase database. So some software that could test how many quaries it can make or something more detailed. I just wish I had more experience doing this, but I dont and would value any opinions or leads. Thanks a bunch
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    IOMeter is usually used for storage benchmarking as it gives much more accurate results than Atto. (And Im not even going to touch Sandra).

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