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    Voxtreme Resellers

    I am looking at Voxtreme for setting up a resellers account but they are not very specific about what they include for software and what they don't. Can anyone tell me what all I will need besides a merchant account and my resellers account at Voxtreme? It looks like they offer Cpanel but what am I going to need for billing and trouble tickets?

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    We don't include a merchant account, billing software or helpdesk software with our plans.

    But you can get good advice on these things at this forum, just try some searching

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    u can also give email to voxtreme, as the responses are very fast.

    For Support u can install Perldesk, phphelpdesk (both free & nice)

    For Billing u can use Perlbill, Modernbill, Ubersmith etc. oh yeah one low cost phpmanager is also there which links also to the CPanel.
    Though for billing, which software to use, u have to do a research on features + $$$

    good luck!

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