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    Please review our new web site

    Please review our new web shop
    Especially, I would like some opinions on several things:
    - Is it attractive for visitors?
    - Is it easy to navigate?


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    Excellent! I thought it was attractive. The design is fresh and unique! It's also very easy to navigate. I like how you have your contact info readily available. Smart move! Well done!

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    It's one of a better design that I have not seen for a long time. Navigation and loading works great and graphics near perfection.

    Very Detailed and a lot of hard work and skills put into it to create such an awesome site. Excellent work.


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    Your design looks great. You have made nice buttons. Your site easy to navigate and fast to load even after so much of graphics. Well done.

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    I thought the overall design was well thought out and well laid out.

    Something just didn't look right about the text describing the products. I can't put my finger on it, though. Maybe the justification?

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    I LOVE IT! I'll never look at caviar the same.

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    Yes, the overall design is great, but it doesnt seem to fit the content.

    What I mean by this is that the site is about caviar and yet the design looks like it is for a tech company.

    Look at it again and this time remove the caviar and put in a dvd player or a computer tower, works huh?

    As a designer I would have built the site around the contentas it in itself makes such a strong visual statement.The site looks like a design that was done for a different industry.

    But, once again I am talking as a designer and we all will look at it differently.

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    Thanks guys, for your comments and suggestions.

    This Yahoo! Store was built on a base of very specific Y! RTML templates - it's not so easy make even small changes within - you have to rebuild all of the construction to implement, for instance, your own navigation, insert some forms, etc., but we're trying to go through it.

    And your efforts are so helpful for us!!

    Thanks again.



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    Looks great, I like the design. Very well done. But you may want to check over your code very carefully. I'm running Explorer on a Mac and your main section is not displaying properly. Looks like a table or layer problem. I've attached a screenshot of what it looks like on my monitor. Good luck!
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