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    Cheap Network Solutions/Verisign Domain Renewals

    Does anyone know the url for the $15 renewal price at Network Solutions? I read it here several weeks ago and tried to do various searches but could not find it. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Why would you need a $15 renewal place? Why don't you transfer your domain to a "less than $10" registrar? Just a couple of them:,,, etc.
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    It's for customers who are stuck with Network Solutions because they failed to transfer out the domain names before the expiry date.

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    I know it - but am VERY reluctant to give it, cause it's just stupid!
    Zoltan said it true - and no one is forced to stay with netsol at any price.

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    I think he means that he is too late to do a registrar transfer (within 60 days)

    Come on m8 - if you know it, why not share it - I got loadsa domains that could do with cheaper renewal this month

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