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    Reasons for Dedicated IP

    Yes, I have done several searches, can't find what I'm asking.

    As far as I can tell from this forum and others:

    #1. URL will resolve without the "www". Seems to me to be kind of neat, but is it necessary?

    #2. Required if you use a ssl certificate to secure any of your website pages.

    What other reasons are there for having a dedicated IP address for your url? What reasons against? (I suppose that there are a finite number of addresses?)

    I appreciate MOST of your 'tudes. Thanks!!

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    Actually a dedicated IP isn't *REQUIRED* for either of the reasons you've mentioned. I'll explain...

    #1) If you setup your server correctly your users can access their site via, that is how I've set mine up so they can still access their site when their domain isn't setup yet.

    #2) You can get around this by using different ports for SSL. The only problem is you have to punch in the port when typing the url. However, you can use virtualhosts to make this seemless.

    The only *REAL* reason is to support older browers. We're talkin browers that don't support HTTP/1.1 protocol, like Netscape 1, MOSAIC and other ancient browsers. Most modern browsers will have zero problems with a non-dedicated IP.

    Best of luck!

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    Anonymous FTP required a dedicated IP last I checked if you want to use your own domain name.

    Just an FYI, a lot of people run firewalls and proxies. Changing the port SSL runs on will frustrate and drive away some of those people. A dedicated IP is a good idea if you're going to use your own cert, IMHO.

    Reverse DNS on a shared IP will show someone elses site as the name for your IP when doing a traceroute to the IP. If this is important to you, get a dedicated IP and make sure your provider correctly sets up reverse DNS.
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    Also different mail or ftp programs can have "Virtual" Users based on the IP Address. Not sure exactly who offers this. Maybe proftpd...
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    You can run anon FTP without a dedicated IP.

    The main reason is for SSL certs, as mentioned above. If you want a quick and easy way to install a SSL cert on an account, assign it a dedicated IP.
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    People with older browsers (really old) can't browse to sites where their domains are setup as virtual hosts. No way to get around that...

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    BTW: This question has been asked on these forums 2 million times.
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    Thanks, bitserve. Looks like I need a little more practice with the search engine.
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