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    email hosting


    The company I'm hosting with has a limited email control panel. It's not user friendly either (don't even have an FAQ or tutorial)

    I'm looking at options of hosting just my email elsewhere, something reasonably priced, reliable, and of course that will allow me to use my current [email protected] email addresses...

    Anyone know of a good source for this?

    Again, I'm not looking to change hosts, just seeking a new email solution...outside of buying my own server of course..

    thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Have you looked at squirrelmail?

    It's a web based e-mail, but it's a great alternative!
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    I like site5's email control panel. Very easy to use. But from what I believe it's a full package, email, www, mysql, ect. But maybe you can get away with the smallest package I believe it has 15 email accounts and 75 megs of space which is plently for emails. Considering you will probably pull them off as soon as they come in.

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    thanks to both of you, I'll look into both

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    It looks like squirrelmail would need to be installed on the server end, correct? I don't know if my hosting company would bite for that...maybe I'm mistaken about it needing to be installed on the server?

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