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    Question Using Modernbill with Cheque and Cash Payments? Or other Billing Software?


    We are a hosting company, selling individual and reseller accounts and about 95% of our customers are from local market.

    Most of my local users do not pay by CC. They use "cheque", "cash payments to our office" and "bank drafts". Until now we have only accepted annual payments (except special cases) as collecting bills was very hard.

    But now I worry if we can not adjust cash flow and risk our stability. (specially that we have lost about $700 in recent fraud charges on our credit card and eservers problems and our costs have increased very much including rent, sallary etc ). So I have decided to change our billing method to monthly charges to be sure that we will have monthly income.

    I have used different billing software (Now using FF Billing Manager Pro) which has very limmited capabilities for monthly payments.

    I have worked with modernbill for a while and I like it. I wanted to know if it is possible to insert received bills manually (instead of automatic credit card billings).

    I will need its automatic late payment notifications yet. (it will be very good if it can send a notification everyday until we receive a payment and insert it or we simply inactivate or cancel account).

    1- Is modern Bill capable of doing all above things? Or which software has all of them together?

    2- What about other software such as PerlBill?

    I'll appereciate your help.

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    People I need your help


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    I've been using modernbill for a while now and the way i process monthly payments is to download the transactions and then upload them in a 'batch transaction' to Once the payments are processed by i go in and by hand enter the paid amount/transaction id, etc in the billing invoicing section. So in answer to your question YES modernbill will handle checks, etc and entering payments by hand after you have invoiced the client.

    You might want to post this at the ModernBill Forum to get some additional insight.

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    Re: Using Modernbill with Cheque and Cash Payments? Or other Billing Software?

    Originally posted by wmac
    (Now using FF Billing Manager Pro)
    Wow...there's a blast from the past. We used to use that in '99 for dialup clients.


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    Hi Mac

    Yes, you can do it, you can manually enter payments with MB
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    You can manually enter payments, but you have to send late payment notifications manually (through Email Admin, select Invoices Over Due). New invoices can be generated through cron.

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    Perl Bill is a great system, especially with the integrated WHM/CPanel system. It can do all the things you listed as needing.

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