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    Anybody know of any free virtual dedicated server software? If so please tell of where to get it please?


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    There is a thread just under this one called freeVSD.

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    the best free software for VDS/VPS is JAIL
    learn more at

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    I'm a firm believer in "you get what you pay for."

    IMHO, free is great if you have a ton of time to fiddle with things. But, if you're too dang busy running a business (like me) to fiddle with things to get them to work, put out some money. You can get a good VDS setup for about $1000 per server.
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    Mind sharing what software you're talking about then? I'm very interested in this

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    LOL. Nope, not tellin'.

    Sorry, I have new service just being launched that's based on the software, so I can't give away one of our competitive edges. I'm sure someone else could tell you though. They're always glad to give away their trade secrets.

    One that's popular with the competitors is the VDS thing from Ensim. Not sure what its called or how much it costs, but I don't have a problem telling you what our competitors use.
    Andrew Kinney
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