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    Why do hostpacket threads get locked?

    Stop this censorship.

    Is it because Hostpacket is a Rackshack client and this board is owned by Rackshack?

    Everybody should read the locked thread:

    Hostpacket is a fraud and we should be able to discuss it without censorship from Rackshack.
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    Somehow I don't think the Hostpacket threads are being locked just because RackShack owns WHT.
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    I agree that the thread you mentioned "Important Information for Clients" is essential reading.

    But I don't think there was any conspiracy by the moderators.

    Thanks to some lamo named Nick from WebSpaceSolutions posting a distasteful and discriminatory picture of a kid running in the Special Olympics as his idea of a "joke", the trhead got off-topic at the end.

    You can still post your genuine grievances with Hostpacket in the thread "Hostpacket Has Fudged Their Comparison Chart"

    Or indeed, if you have a genuine grievance related to Hostpacket that you feel warrants a separate discussion, then feel free to start a new thread for this purpose.
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    When a message is disruptive and violates forum rules you delete message and remove the user. Why lock an important thread because of a silly message? And there are multiple hostpacket threads that have been locked. No wonder people start new hostpacket threads if the old ones get locked.
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    When a thread has run it's course it's closed.
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    It is true that a forum is a perfect example of democracy and the free market place.
    People vote thru threads and posts. The vote on Hostpacket is bad, bad, bad.

    Give Chicken a chance to reconsider. He may decide to unlock the thread..

    Hostpacket is now locking threads and deleting posts again, just read this one

    Apparently HP still doesn't like tough questions, like:
    When will my service be restored?
    Or when can I expect email service again?
    I paid for chat support, when will chat be up?

    These questions are mysteries only for the Gods of Hostpacket to know. Us earthlings have no rights, we have all been put in the mushroom class: "keep us in the dark and feed us B.S.".
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    Originally posted by yocalif
    ... The vote on Hostpacket is bad, bad, bad. ...

    Apparently HP still doesn't like tough questions, like:

    When will my service be restored?
    Or when can I expect email service again?
    I paid for chat support, when will chat be up? ...
    The most important question of all, which Kevin repeatedly evades is :

    "When will you honor your 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and provide REFUNDS ?"

    That said, I don't want to repeat the issue of REFUNDS in any great depth in this thread, as it's already well-covered in these threads :

    "Important Information for Clients"

    "Hostpacket Has Fudged Their Comparison Chart"

    As you'll realise from reading the above threads, the ONLY choice for Hostpacket customers seeking a REFUND, is to request a charge-back NOW with their credit card providers.
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    9 times out of 10 a thread is closed here because the people posting in it start to act up. The original intent of the thread is lost, and it degenerates into either a yelling match, or wanders totally off course. The rest of it ends up being filled by people with nothing to add but another post to their count.

    If the 'usual suspects' stayed out of those threads you'd find far fewer of them closed.

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    I think Chicken's explanation in that thread is quite clear.

    Where he said:

    "<<MOD NOTE: Not this member, but another member is just pasting the same messages to different threads, which is annoying and repetitive, so I'm locking down some HP threads>>"

    So, it goes back to what Greg eludes to.
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    Censorship eh?

    The threads were locked (a couple of them), because first, there's far too many, all about the same thing. Second, they have reached the end of being useful (original point of thread was lost pages ago). Third, some members are bumping the threads, since there's nothing new to discuss. Fourth, the same members are posting the same message across 2, 3, or 4 threads (copy and paste).

    We're not going to leave 10 threads open which end up discussing the same thing, posted by the same people. If you've been wronged, post your story (once) in one thread so the issue can be discussed. Otherwise, the threads will remain on the forum (not removed) however they will be locked, if any of the above takes place... - Where professionals discuss web hosting.

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