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    could you please tell me an easy way of installing a firewall on my linux box?

    Redhat 7.3
    kernel 2.5.32

    tried pmfirewall, but when i start ipchains, it says incompatible with the kernel. I tried kernels 2.4.18 nad 2.4.19 with no success.

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    did you compile iptables support into your kernel under Networking options?
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    yes i did. However, i would like to know, what firewall most people use

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    You could use PMFirewall to start of with, I found it very straight and satisfactory.

    any comments any one ?

    Cheers !!

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    For the 2.2 kernels, you want to use ipchains.
    For the 2.4 kernels, you want to use iptables.

    Netfilter/iptables makes a fine firewall.

    With iptables you can take care of those FTP and DNS issues with your firewall ruleset that you had with ipchains.
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