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    POP and IMAP email

    Hey everyone,

    Does anybody know where I could get a reliable email account at my domain name that supports both POP and IMAP, is fast, and where the mail server doesn't delete old messages (unless I tell it to)? I don't want to do this with my registrar in case I transfer, or my ISP in case I switch. I also don't need a full-blown web hosting package, since I don't have a web page that I need to put up. seems to offer a reasonable plan, but it costs $36/year, and I was looking for something a little cheaper than that.

    Any recommendations of a good email provider?


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    MotleyFool (username on this board) is pretty respected around here. He offers email plans.
    I think you'll find a lot of good comments about him (and his company) if you do a quick search for him. I don't know if he offers IMAP, but I'm sure he'd be happy to answer that question for you.

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    Thanks, WiredDog, for the recommendation. It looks like a great deal.

    Are there any similar plans based in the United States?


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    Any host with cpanel can offer it
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    Outblaze possible, for your needs

    Have a nice day
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