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    SUPER OFFER. Need to sell them fast!

    We have servers in stock with the following configs, which we need to sell fast:

    SPECIAL #1
    Dual PIII 550MHz
    9GB SCSI
    16 IPs
    $0 setup
    in stock: 5 server.

    SPECIAL #2
    PIII 800MHz
    30GB IDE
    16 IPs
    $0 setup
    in stock: 1 server.

    SPECIAL #3
    PIII 1.2 GHz
    40GB IDE
    32 IPs
    $0 setup
    in stock: 3 servers.

    Software Installed (by default):
    Redhat 7.3 or FreeBSD 4.6
    and more

    Additional BW: $1.3 per GB, 1GB increment. Or $100 per 100GB.
    You may also hire an admin for as low as $20/hour.

    FREE services:
    24/7 tech e-mail and PHONE support
    24/7 network monitoring
    Initial software installation (when you order a server, you may send us a list of software you want to have installed and configured)
    Additional hardware installation

    Servers are very nice and fast. High quality bandwidth (CAIS). EACH server is connected to a separate 100mbps port! Adult content allowed, however we have a lot of clients who use their servers to host non-adult sites or hosting companies. There's also MRTG graph for each server available on our site. We guarantee %99.99 network uptime. Currently it's %100. Minimal contract length is one (1) month.

    To order these servers, please send me a message: [email protected], or use WHT's PM.

    With Best Regards,

    Allan Barket.
    (Sales Manager)

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    CAIS as in ardent ? / btn ?

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    Originally posted by clocker1996
    CAIS as in ardent ? / btn ?
    Yes: CAIS, Ardent Comminucations and now BTN.

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    We're interested in selling these items very fast.
    Those who can buy in bulk or pre-pay 3-12 months, please contact me to get discounts.

    The bandwidth is very nice. Those who need network stability and uptime will be happy with us. While BW is much better than Cogent's or Verio's etc, it is still cheap.

    If you need a lot of BW (5+ mbps) - contact me to get a quote.

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    No control panel and unmanaged?
    I dont see how this is such a good deal.. could be me and my n00b dedicated server mind..

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    1) we install webmin by default.
    2) we do manage our network and are always willing to complete small task for you for free.
    3) we have a monitoring software that will send you a report if there are any problems with your server(s).

    However we can provide you with a fully managed solution.

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    By the way, if Red Hat 7.3 is OK for you, then you'll get a server online in less than a day.

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    We've sold several ones.
    Still accepting orders.

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