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    Signal to Noise Ratio


    I've been a member of the board for a year. When I first started I found it a hive of excellent insight and topical chatter about the web hosting industry and services.

    Within the last two months I have noticed a high noise to signal ratio. People making pithy one line comments, going into attack mode and generally offering their opinions on subjects in which they are not experienced or have no business involving themselves in.

    A great example of this is:

    Thread on Pixelbrick

    Typically these comments are intrusions are made by folks who have more than 1000 posts in less than four months on the site. Infrequently they don't add to the conversation's value or meaning, but usually they feed off the furor created by their additions. It may be a quest to obtain a higher post count, but who knows.

    Since I've only been here a year I'd like to know is this a cyclical occurence timed with school restarting, solar flares or just an increase in the popularity of web hosting. Will this eventually subside or is this just the way it is?

    Before people chime in with comments like "all forums are like this" or "anytime you get a large group of people this will happen" I challenge you to look back at where this site was a year ago and say that.


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    some people just like quick answers... maybe to obtain a higher post count, maybe not

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