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    HELP! Fixed tables in Netscape!

    Hi...I am in the middle of developing this site:

    Now if you just looked at it in will have looked fine (besides the fact that it is not done)...but if you looked in'll notice that the right column which is suppose to be a fixed 200 pixels is screwed in Netscape.

    EDIT: and the middle is to stretch 100% on all resolutions (it does...just though i'd let you know since it may be part of the problem)

    Can anyone quickly check the code and let me know if there is something I'm missing or something I can do to make netscape stop being a know what I mean. Thanx to all!

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    Nevermind! I got it! It was a stupid align="left" tag I had in an img tag...geez...

    But if you're reading this...why is there still like a...1 cm margin on the right side in netscape when I have margins set to 0?
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    Have you used layered tags for netscape.

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    Nice design too.

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    Yeah, the design looks nice.

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