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    Best ASP host? is loosing it...

    I am currently hosting with, but they are really fudging things - extremely POOR customer service (actually, non-existant would be a closer match), and although I am on the "yearly plan", they (after billing me for a year), continue to bill me monthly. Promises that it would stop have been broken - I keep finding new charges every month. So my question is:

    Who is the best (on the cheaper side) Win2k web host? I need:

    250~500 megs of space
    access databases...

    that's about it - any hosts out there that can take me in? i HAVE to get rid of this m6 plague...

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    770 <--- these guys are really stable and on the rare occasions they're down, they never take more than an hour to get stuff back up. I use them for my own site and any clients where and when I can.
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    Re: Best ASP host? is loosing it...

    Originally posted by chin
    ...however if you contacted us and let us know that you are having problems, we could have done something about it.

    We will try and fix your issues ASAP.
    Originally posted by xram
    ...extremely POOR customer service (actually, non-existant would be a closer match), they continue to bill me monthly. Promises that it would stop have been
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    Want that m6 domain now don't you Chicken

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    asp host

    I would recommend trying out They have been very helpful for small business sites. We had a problem with some components when we started hosting, but it turned out to be on our side. The entire time they spent helping us helped alot. They post prices on their site, but give them an email and they will probably set you up with a custom account. That is what they did for us. Thanks. is hosted on their servers for us.

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    Look at, I find them responsive, also rather funny ( read his update e-mails and you will understand the joy's of a system admin. I could swear that I can picture the poor guys doing updates at 4 am ). Also you want those e-mails, you get the notices about what's going on overall and what I need to patch on my personal pc.

    response time is rather quick, I've had 1 case where I sent 7 questions, each one replied, 50 minutes total.

    Had a problem once, took 2 hours to solve, and he discovered a bug that he had to reported ( sent me the print screen of where he posted the bug with the solution ). Had another problem once and sent off an e-mail, he sent an e-mail back telling me to expect a phone call from him and sure enough, I got to speak to him.

    When there is a reboot and you get notified, Seem like they are proactive because of all the e-mailing that is sent out. The servers are fast, I have about 31k page loads per day without any problems in a cold fusion site that I developed.

    overall I am very happy with thier services.

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