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    Looking to make an advertisement deal with a host! (Part II)

    Please read the entire post before responding if you choose to do so. Thank you.

    Some Background Information

    You may remember my original request from here:

    Well it turns out that the current host is not going to work out due to the popularity of my site. In fact, they want to charge me an overage fee of $3.00 per Cogent Gb if I go over my 50Gb limit. Not trying to be mean because they were awesome enough to host me in the first place, but the overage fee seems a little steep for pure Cogent bandwidth.

    This is the e-mail I received from them:

    Hi edit,

    Just to keep you informed that your bandwidth usage is at 22,004.957 MB (22GB) out of 50,000.0 MB (50GB) maximum. This figure represents 44% usage out of 100% allocated to you.

    You are only 4 days into your month and we have calculated that your usage is going to me near 170000000 MB (170 GB) by the month is out. If this is the case, then you will be over by 120000000 MB (120GB) and the charges according to our terms of use will be as follows:

    120GB at $3.00 per GB $450.00.

    We will keep an eye on your account and inform you when its near its limit.


    Customer Services Dept
    Of course 120Gb x $3.00 actually equals $360.00, but that's still $360.00 for 120Gb of Cogent bandwidth. So I am in need of a new host provider soon if someone wants to step up to the plate with an offer.

    You Ask: Why the heck should I host you for free?

    In just 17 days of re-opening the site it has received exactly 1,689,879 hits, with an average unique visitor count reaching towards ~1,500 daily.

    This is an adult site, nothing really hardcore, but something you don't want your kids to see either. You wouldn't be hosting the entire site, you would be hosting a clip section with your banner ad in place on the section. Plus one 140x100 ad on the main section of the site. It just seems like to me that it would be a prime spot to advertise any adult hosting or other types of offers.

    Desired Specifications:
    50+Mb Space
    125+Gb Bandwidth
    IP or Subdomain Address
    No small file size limits
    Hotlinking Enabled
    FTP Access of course

    I can provide the url to the site, banner placement positions, and access to the webstat so you can verify all the numbers I've been quoting to be true. Please contact me via Private Message with any questions or offers you may have.

    Thank you for your time,
    - Theater

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    If you have that many visitors and use that much bandwidth, your cheapest choice is to get RackShack server. For ~$100/mo you can get your own 1GHz+ server with 400GB monthly bandwidth and I'm sure with that many visitors you'll be able to cover the server cost by advertisement on your site. This also gives you freedom. Either way you decide to go, I with you the best of luck.


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    I replied back to the several great companies that responded. All of these companies are offering great free hosting deals, and I shall choose the best one that fits the site's needs.

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    I'm leaning towards this company who offered to host the entire site. I didn't request the entire to be hosted, but they went ahead and said they would be happy to it with these specifics:

    2Gb Space
    500Gb Bandwidth
    Plesk CP

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    All that for free??

    What the hell is the world coming to???

    Either way, if someone offered me that, I'd be fairly suspicious because that definetly is to good to be true... Especially for free...

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    What I might do if* I decide to choose that host is start with hosting the files only first, then moving onto the whole site being hosted as time goes on. Thanks for the word of caution.

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    Originally posted by citrus
    All that for free??

    What the hell is the world coming to???

    Either way, if someone offered me that, I'd be fairly suspicious because that definetly is to good to be true... Especially for free...
    Unless it was HeadSurfer himself RS can afford it! I haven't read their TOS/AUP so don't know if they can, but there are people out there who can give that much bandwidth and stats away for free.

    Could also be someone who has a server and contract, but is not using the server might as well let someone use it and this looks like a good venture for advertisement.

    But I agree with Citrus be cautious in the beginning...
    Sam C
    Blue Dog Hosting
    "Your new best friend!"

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