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    * Cpanel reseller on high end bandwidth - check it out.

    For a limited time, we are pleased to make the following offer:

    We have sold our fair share of lower end hosting accounts as most of you are used to seeing, but now is the time to step up from that Cogent only hosting and give your customers the extra speed and quality they are looking for

    These plans are hosted on P3 1.13 ghz machines on our high end multihomed bandwidth (over 18 providers). Speed test here:

    Of course for some needs and purposes our Cogent only packages may suite you as well... see our special for that at the end.


    - 500 MB space
    - 50 gigs transfer
    - 4 IP's included
    - Unlimited domains
    - Cpanel4 and Web Host Manager (to setup your own domains)
    - 20 MySQL Databases
    - Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts (within your space allotment)
    - Unlimited Email Forwarders
    - Unlimited Mailing Lists
    - Unlimited Subdomains
    - Webmail to check any of your accounts anywhere in the world
    - unlimited FTP Accounts
    - SSH Access
    - PHP 4.2.1 w/Zend Optimizer
    - Your Own CGI-BIN
    - Perl 5.6.1
    - Several pre-installed CGI scripts
    - phpMyAdmin (for easy maintenance of your MySQL data bases)
    - SSI & SSL Support
    - Cronjobs (easily configured through your Cpanel control panel)
    - Custom Error Pages
    - Password Protected Directories with .htaccess support
    - FrontPage 2002 Support
    - Support via our online trouble ticket system
    - Contact us online via AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ
    - 30-day money-back guarantee

    FREE setup and only $25/month! No long term commitment and yearly payment not needed!

    Bandwidth overages = $1.50/gig
    Additional IP's are $2/month.

    Cogent only special:

    Same features as above but with 2 gigs space and 75 gigs of bandwidth for $20/month. With additional bandwidth for $.75/gig.

    TOS ->

    We are going on our THIRD consecutive year of providing hosting services so you can have a permanent home with us.

    If you have any questions please contact me:
    - [email protected]
    - AIM: virtualnet37421
    - ICQ: 2070082

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    20 mysql database may be not enough for me. can i have more?


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    How many more do you need?

    I got your IM... I'll be contacting you shortly.

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