If your site has ever been down due to a hardware failure, you know that it can take hours and even days before it comes back online. With our failover web hosting plans, hardware-related downtime is a thing of the past.

Our failover hosting plans work something like this:

Let's say that we have two servers, Server A and Server B. Your website is hosted on Server A, however, this server has just experienced a hardware failure.

With other hosts, your website would be down. With our failover environment, Server B is there to continue serving your site until Server A comes back online.

Take a look at our PrecisionPanel control panel interface. You can log into the demo version here with the username 'demo_user' and password 'demo'.

And that's not it! Our plans all support Ruby on Rails and are running accelerated PHP 5.


Whether you’re purchasing a PrecisionPro for Business account or one of our failover web hosting accounts, there are so many reasons why you SHOULD host with us! We offer a 99.9% uptime and 30 day money-back guarantee! There’s nothing to lose! Search WHT for the term ‘precisioneffect’ and you’ll see that our customers are very satisfied!

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