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    Wanted: Credit Card Processing

    Currently, I am a web hosting company, soon to be a full co-location company. I am looking to get credit card processing services that include a virtual web terminal and preferably, a web service for presenting transactions (for integration in to custom billing system).

    This is the best offer I have so far, don’t even bother posting unless you can beat it.

    SETUP: $100.00 (virtual terminal setup)
    MONTHLY: $10.00 (if activity only; gateway and statement fee)
    TRANSACTION: $0.30 + 2.25% captured

    Volume is very low right now, but when our ad hits magazines, and we convert our old PayPal customers, we expect to increase dramatically.

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    Could you tell me which company is offering you these rates?


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    Not quite the "no monthly fees" you suggest . . .
    Merchant support and monthly statement Fee 10.00
    Low Monthly Minimum and Annual Renewal 25.00/99.00
    How can you say there will be no monthly fee if there are no transactions, when they have a $25 monthly minimum?
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    • Application Fee: NONE
    • Fixed Discount Rate: 2.04%
    Non-Swipe Mail/Phone/Internet Rate
    • Network Transaction Fee: 20’
    Including AVS at No Extra Charge
    • Holdback: $0 + 0 Days
    Funds Available at your bank in 48 Hours
    • Monthly Volume: No Limit
    • Monthly Technical/Support Fee: $5.00
    24/7 800 Toll Free Support & itemized Statement
    • Monthly Minimum Processing Fee: $15.00
    Example - $736x2.04%=$15.01
    • Processing: VeriSign PayFlow Link
    Online Real-time Processing & Virtual Terminal
    • Total Cost: $295
    • Gateway Fee: $10/Month (Flat Fee)
    • Transaction Fee: 0’ (No transaction fees

    Here is what I went with for after months of searching. All cards accepted Disco has a bit more of an upfront fee, but not bad after the first month.

    This has a higher setup fee than most, but lower percentages, and monthly fees. I didn't mind 'cause I plan to be in business awhile. Talked to a live person, very no nonsense, and was up in a week.

    Set up through Virtual and real.

    I wont post the company, but will mail it to you if you like.

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    Please PM me the url!


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    If you read there web site there is no charge for the GATEWAY which can be some times $10-10 per month.

    Yes there is a $25 min.
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