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    Which is the best FREE control panel?

    Which is the best FREE control panel? come on lets share experiece..

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    Webmin is the only one I like. I know there are a few others that I can't remember right now but from past experiences I found them to be very unstable.
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    webcp at is by far the best free one and even rivals some paid ones.

    Automatic DNS management, email/ftp/subdomains, domain pointers, vpopmail integration, MySQL db handling, multiple different panels (user, domain, reseller, server admin). All features you need are included, really.

    I'd not use it in a commercial enviroment just yet though. Occasional bugs are still popping up. I'd wait for the 1.0 release.
    0.5 is pretty stable though.. I've had it for weeks on a testbox without a single hiccup.


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    i have used webmin for years now the end user cp usermin to go along with it, works well with me. I have considered using webcp but doubt if it would work well in live env.

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    Acctmgr (account manager) which is free, search on Been using them for 6 months until I moved to another dedicated provider offering plesk unlimited.

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    I think that finding the best Free CP doesn't exist yet. There are a few such as WebCP and SimpleCP that you might want to watch out, but many aren't as robust as the commercial ones.

    It probably suites the needs if you have a dedicated machine just for yourself and your friends, but to roll out in to your clients, probably not such a good idea until it's more stable.

    I'm starting on CP myself, still waiting on Sourceforge to approve the project. A couple of screen shots:

    Still got some ways to go to get it to what WebCP and SimpleCP are capable of doing, but the authentication pieces are done, skinning, 75% of the trouble ticket area, and a few other pieces are done.

    Trying to find some help and collecting documents on the services I'd like to support as I'm not sure yet of how far I want to scale it to. . .

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    are all these free control panels for Linux? Do they have a free control panel for Windows?

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    All the ones above are free for linux. most of the time when you dont specify windows, people assume you are talking about linux
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    There is a free control panel for Windows called adsi4nt (something like that).

    You should search the forum archive for more information.


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    Xanthis you plan on letting that panel be free or commercial??
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    of course it'll be free, because he wants to host it on sourceforge, which is a host for open source projects.

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