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Thread: Knowledge Base?

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    Knowledge Base?

    Can anyone recommend a good knowledge base to use for support, we currently use RightNow Web and are looking for alternatives.

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    We made our own then used customer info and common problems to populate it. After that went further with tying it into our trouble ticketing system we made as well. For the best solution I would build it but there are a lot of programs out there and I see the replies since this subject gets posted every so often.
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    Ticket support is a must. Especially if you're overwhelmed with phone calls. I love being able to track the problem from several different support representatives, as do our customers. A nice option is also to allow the customer to enable that closed ticket, with problem, talk, and solution(s) to be publicly available to other customers. Over the past year, our customers have built their own FAQs and we've done away with the usual "common" FAQs.
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    Yea ticket systems are the best. Uh, live hat, support forums. Those are all I can think of.

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    You may want to take a look at Kbase by . I use this program and it is very flexible. What makes it really nice is it has sub and sub/sub category capability.

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