Hi ,

First point : I do not work for purple-paw, i am a customer..

Now thats cleared up, I want to say a huge thanks to purple-paw , I know i usually mention this, i cant remember if i have made a dedicated post about it before but here goes.

I have had a reseller with Purple for several months now, they were a refreshing change from my previous host who screwed me around...........me being a bit slow fell for another one of those cheap deals with EARHost and we all know whats happening there.
After 4 days of no control panel my clients were getting pretty annoyed with me.....I had actually filled up all my space on the Purple-Paw account so I didnt have anywhere to move them.
I contacted Chris @ Purple and he was great, I got the space and resources sorted for my 2 clients instantly. And it is MUCH appreciated.

I would recommend them to anyone, uptime is great, support is excellent at any time of day or night.

Well done guys, keep up the good work...its people that like you that prove there are still some good companies left out there.