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    datahosts - has anyone heard from them

    do these guys even exist anymore?

    I am wondering if ANYONE has heard from them lately. my emails have been completely ignored. support tickets, etc.

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    I'm a former datahost member... actually, I'm not sure if I would ever be called a member. I sent in the money and got nothing. The only thing I could do was complain to Paypal and the Better Business Beuru.

    The only e-mails I ever got were, "We'll look into it." And "You'll be getting your login information today." Which never happened.

    I don't know what's up with them. But if they treat all their new costumers like that... they're probably bankrupt.
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    I dont know about shared hosting services but there support for dedicated servers sucked.. roboots = 24+ hrs support = there is none.. lost $$$ and clients due to datahosts.. but hey life goes on..
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    hello all...I know this thread is dead. However, I wish to inform you that the DataHosts that is now up and running fully is in NO WAY associated with whatever DataHosts back in 2002. I do hope that our name was not ruined prior to me aquiring the company, and buiding my business off of it (along with my other business).
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