OH how do I hate spam, to the point that I'm on a warpath.

this is todays catch

over 1000 emails rejected using a filter ( so there was no data to the mail server )

150+ made it over the filter with a gross mail server disk space cost 4 megs

if I would have no filters the e-mails would have cost in server space around 20 to 30 megs. that was just for me.

now I would like to advise all mail server operators. I placed the filter for the entire mail server handling about 1500 domains ( about 6000 e-mail address ), the MTRG has dropped over 60% and since I buy at 95th% this is wonderful. The datacenter states that my savings will be about 20% -30% this month and next month about 40% to 60%.

this adds up to savings for my clients. and reduced pop3 time for the server.

long term win in my case for sure. I would ask that everyone check to see if they are on spews. and if they are to start fighting with there upstream.