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    Lightbulb CPanel/SquirrelMail tip

    Recently a client installed SquirrelMail on their account. The install went fine, but whenever he tried to log in to SquirrelMail, he would be redirected to the Neomail login prompt

    CPanel by default will redirect to the Neomail login, so the first question I asked was if he was installing it in a folder called "webmail", which he wasn't. I realized that the problem was that SquirrelMail uses a file called "webmail.php" ... when I looked at the way the /webmail/ redirection is set up in httpd.conf, it turns out that it isn't just redirecting the /webmail/ directory, but infact redirects anything containging the word "webmail"... so by changing the httpd.conf line from:

    ScriptAliasMatch /webmail /usr/local/cpanel/base/wredirect.cgi


    ScriptAlias /webmail /usr/local/cpanel/base/wredirect.cgi

    the problem gets fixed.

    So next time a client has trouble running any script with the name "webmail" in it, that's why

    (I would have posted this at the CPanel forum instead of here, but I can't remember my login info there and it won't send me my password )
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