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    Question Outsourced Support for Adult Hosts


    I'm using Bobcares for my mainstream hosting company. But now I'd like to outsource the support for my adult hosting business as well.

    Bobcares doesn't seem to support adult clients, so I'd like to ask any of you 'pure' adult hosts what companies you use when outsourcing support for your hosting companies?


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    what is the difference between supporting non-porno customers and porno customers? do they have special kind of questions? just curious as I don't have any of "adult" hosting accounts.

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    Greetings Thomas:

    "What is the difference between supporting non-porno customers and porno customers? do they have special kind of questions? just curious as I don't have any of "adult" hosting accounts."

    In terms of the actual process, probably no difference.

    However, there are serious business issues involved when it comes to being invovled with certain companies.

    The list below just shows some of the issues that come to mind (please note I know there are ways around certain issues, but not all of them):

    * Employees may file legal action against the employer on the basis of being asked to work on issues they find obscene.

    This does not have to be a visual thing of actually seeing pornography, but just knowing they are helping promote something they believe to be obscene may give them reason to file a complaint.

    * Certain legal filings, financing paperwork, insurance paper work does require you to list the sources of your income.

    Businesses may find they cannot get loans they need, have trouble with the local legal community, have trouble getting insurance they need because they have revenues coming from sources that may, in the eyes of the people making the decisions, be obscene.

    * Prospects, the type you may really want to have a customers, may ask you point blank if any of your customers are in the adult industry. And if you have such customers, you may then loose their business.

    *If you go after investors, you may find the ones who can really help your company back out if they find you are hosting companies in the adult industry.

    * Employers may find employees abuse the employee hand book that states employees cannot view pornographic sites on company time by stating there is a double standard.. that the technicians can view pornographic sites that they are providing support on -- with the technicians stating they have to do so in order ot provide the support.

    So you end up with moral problems from employees who feel the company is involved in issues that prevent them from doing their work (1st point) and employees who are abusing company time stating others are doing it, and employees who are abusing company time stating they have to do it in order to do their job.

    * Lastly, while I know many will state one has to separate out personal from business, after almost 8 years of running a successful business, I must state that the founders philosophies, beliefs, and faiths are a part of the business and impact every business decision.

    We are who we are inside. We cannot fake it. We cannot put on faces to others to see and hide the real "us" inside. People are not stupid, dumb, or incompetent. They will see illusssions, and masks.

    So we must be who we are, and follow our hearts in every thing with do.. with zeal, with passion, with love, and with heart. With business sense, with common sense, with patience, and with understanding.

    Given that there are business owners whose faith precludes being involved in certain areas of life. And to that ends, there is no excuse for such to find a way to bend the rules; for God sees all things just as most people will see through any illusions we try to put up.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    It could just be for moral reasons too. It's completely understanable that a company just wouldn't want to be involved in an adult hosting business.

    You may want to look in to the Platypus Group. They've been advertising Bobcares-type services on this board in this thread. I haven't used them and don't know if they support adult content, but you may want to ask, as there really aren't a whole lot of outsourced tech support companies around.
    Jeremy [email protected]
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    Thanks for your replies.

    I'll have a look at

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